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We are The Mallair. We are a web design & creative studio based in Stewarton & Glasgow. Helping small to medium sized businesses thrive online is what we are all about. We specialise in web design, social media management and content creation.


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Our Story | Web Design & Creative Studio

We pride ourselves in helping our clients succeed in the digital world. Specialising in web design, social media management and content creation, we create digital solutions that deliver results. We are based in Stewarton & Glasgow but due to the nature of our services, we are able to work with businesses all around the UK.

Our web design & creative studio started to allow us to work directly with small to medium sized businesses to help them thrive online. Since our inception, we have worked with many different businesses and brands across various industries.

At The Mallair, we’re not a full service marketing agency and we do not want to be. In our experience, we find that most agencies that are full service rarely have the specialist skills to deliver the best results for their clients and instead provide many services but little in-depth knowledge of each area. This is why we only focus on web design, social media and content creation. We would rather focus our efforts on what we know and do best which generates brilliant results.

We are passionate about web design and are constantly keeping up to date with all the latest technologies and tools. By choosing web design as one of our specialisms, we are able to consistently create web design solutions that are modern, innovative and up to date.

Alongside web design, we also offer social media management to our clients. This is another industry which is constantly shifting daily. We work with our clients to place them on the correct platforms for their repsective audiences and tailor their digital strategy accordingly to deliver the best results.

Lastly, we are proud to offer our clients content creation services. Avid writers and creatives, we know how to make words sell and create content that generates interest in your brand or business. Think website content, emails, articles, blogs, guides and so on.

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Some of our trusted clients include…

Ikonic Workwear Logo
Gallus Motorhomes Logo
Ikonic Print Logo


I would highly recommend Mark, made an excellent job of redesigning my business web page and adding online bookings. Fantastic service. 

Carole Carruth

Nettlehurst Puppy School & Training Centre

Fantastic service from Mark, exactly what I was looking for !! Great value for money. 

Adam Davies

Owner, AD Personal Training

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We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses get the most out of digital. We do this by offering specialist services namely web design, social media management and content creation. We want to work with you to help you succeed long-term no matter your business goals and objectives. Our clients include businesses and brands of all kinds from local trades services, artists and dental practices to international fashion brands. Our web design, social media and content creation services all work with you to help you achieve the best results. If you are looking for a web design, social media management or content creation, please contact us today for a quote or to find out more information.

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